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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO AM 2024 Conference

1 July - 7 July, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria


Workshop PROGRAM

The primary task of the Professional Development Program is to focus on practice, learning skills, and the application of concepts to this work. 
Charges and registration for Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are separate from other meeting registration and fees. You can attend PDWs without having to register for other parts of the meeting.


 All times are listed as EEST (Eastern European Summer time)
PDWs will be held at the venue and will not be available online.
Enquiries email Mal O'Connor (PDW Chair)

WORKSHOP Schedule - Click to expand 

9.15am-5.45pm EEST: Full day,  PDW 3
When the Twain Meet.  At the frontiers of working with groups and organizations

with Dr. Ajeet Mathur
CE Credits Available
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9.15am-5.45pm EEST: Full day,  PDW 4
A kaleidoscope of differences – an integral psycho-analytical approach - Spiral Dynamics in Action

with Dr. Rica Viljoen
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9.15am-5.45pm  EEST:  Full-day, PDW 5
The experience of psychoanalysis and psychodrama in working with groups and communities in a situation of social trauma and conflict
with Zlatko Teoharov & Antoaneta Mateeva
CE Credits Available
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9.15am-1.00pm EEST: Half-day,  PDW 6
Using Future Search to Address Wicked Systemic Problems
with Jeff Axelbank
CE Credits Available
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Tuesday 2 July
Workshop Schedule - Click to expand

9.15am-5.45pm  EEST: Full-day,  PDW 8
Methods and Issues in Psychoanalytic Consulting to Organisations: consideration of consulting practice principles

with James Walker, Pearl Tran, Rob Ryan & Stan Gold.
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9.15am-1.00pm EEST: Half-day,  PDW 10
Psychodynamic study of the Leader's Role through combining Role Biography and Attachment Theory: Searching for leader's Identity and relationship patterns

with Anna Reiche
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2.30pm-5.45pm EEST: Half-day,  PDW 11
Psychoanalytic perspectives on working in languages other than our mother tongue. 

with Dragana Vranješ, James Krantz, Judit Gáspár & Iwona Soltysinska.
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Wednesday 3 July
Workshop Schedule - Click to expand

9.15am-5.45pm EEST: Full-day,  PDW 13
Improving our practice as consultants, coaches and managers: A case conference method

with Larry Hirschhorn & James Krantz
Closed - Full

9.15am-5.45pm EEST: Full-day,  PDW 15
Spiritual  Practices for Practitioners

with Sari Mattila
CE Credits Available
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9.15am-5.45pm EEST: Full-day,  PDW 16
A Master Seminar Model for Educating Clients in Systems Psychodynamics

with Marisa Guerin
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2.30pm-5.45pm EEST: Half-day, PDW 18
Attachment at Work
with Beth Neustadt
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