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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Social Events

1 July - 7 July, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria



Gala Dinner / Tours


Friday 5th July 2024
Venue: Lebeda Restaurant / The Swan Restaurant
Price: 85 Euros per person
The Gala dinner price includes the 4-course menu, local wine and soft drinks, entertainment and transportation from/to the AM venue – Grand Hotel Millennium.

On the very shores of Pancharevo Lake and only a few kilometers from the city center of Sofia, Lebeda restaurant takes you to a completely different world.  More than 100 species of rare birds inhabit the restaurant location and the garden, and the play of lights, the gentle murmur of water from the fountains and the velvety sound of soft music create the feeling that you are in the setting of a movie in which you are the main characters.


The Cuisine
The four-course menu is designed so that each dish sharpens the senses and creates an appetite for new experiences without leaving a feeling of heaviness. You will be offered mix platter of small bites, cheese and dips for appetizers, fresh tomatoes and burata salad, delicious stewed beef with mash potatoes and truffle and a desert. Vegetarians and/or fish enthusiasts can preorder also a fresh fish on BBQ. 

Please don’t forget to send us any dietary needs in advance so you can be accommodated the best way possible. 

The Wine
Does Bulgaria have good wine?
Bulgarian wines are very good quality and Bulgarians have a very long tradition in wine making. The first records of wine producing in the territories of modern Bulgaria are dated back to 5000 years ago. There are five Bulgarian main wine regions, which are divided into smaller sub-regions: Dunavska Ravnina - Danubian Plain, Chernomorski Rayon - Black Sea region, Rozova Dolina - Rosental or Lower Balkan region, Dolinata na Struma - Struma Valley.

The precise cultivation of the vineyards is extremely important. Most cellars use traditional methods with predominantly manual labor and with minimal intervention to upgrade the qualities of the grapes and to create wines with a superior taste. Some of the must-try local types of traditional Bulgarian wines include Gamza, Broad-Leaved Melnik, Shiroka Melnishka Loza, Dimyat, Mavrud and Rubin. There are many others that can astound you with their rich flavor and good quality.


The Entertainment
It is believed that art provokes emotions and changes perceptions. Through it, our gala dinner will we turn into unforgettable experience and memorable milestone of your stay in Sofia. You will experience a different world full of aesthetics, beauty and wonder. The dance floor will be open to those of you who desire to share the explosive energy of multination music and their friends and colleague’s positive energy. Everyone will be welcomed to share music and dance from his or her culture and region.

 Local Tours

Tour to Rila Monastery

Date: 1 July 2024
Meeting time: 09:15 h
Departure time: 09:30 h
Pick-up point: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia
Professional tour guides in English


Please register at the registration desk in the hotel or by email to

TOUR SCHEDULE  (approximate times):

11:00 hVisit of the Monastery (UNESCO Heritage), the church and the museums
More information about the site -
14:00 h – 15:30 h – Lunch nearby the Rila River with fresh fish dish 
Optional visit of Krakra Fortress on the way back to Sofia
Return to Sofia – 18:00 h


For visiting the monastery and the church:
It is not allowed:
- to smoke in the Monastery Complex;
- to enter in the Complex with improper attire: short skirts, shorts, vests, and all other kinds of skimpy outfit;
- to take photographs and videos in the church and in the Monastery museum;
- to go upstairs on the floors of the residential buildings;
- to make noise, as well as enter with pets.

Inside the church:
- you must observe silence by all means;
- men must enter without hats;
- it is forbidden to enter with perambulators, tourist backpacks and other kinds of bulky baggage;
- when we pray in front of the icons, or in front of the chest with the relics of St. John, we should not place our hands onto them. The holy icons, as well as the relics, are honored only with kissing;
- the lit candles are not held in hands, but they are placed in the appropriate places: the low candelabra for the departed, and the high candelabra for the living;
- it is not accepted to sit in the church with crossed legs, to keep hands in pockets, as well as to use mobile devices.

Please, wear comfortable shoes as the roads in the Old city are paved. Hats or umbrellas are recommended if the day is sunny and hot. 

Tour to Plovdiv
The Old City and Kapana district

Date: 2 July 2024
Meeting time: 09:00 h
Departure time: 09:15 h
Pick-up point: Lobby of the Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia
Professional tour guides in English


Please register at the registration desk in the hotel or by email to

TOUR SCHEDULE (approximate times):

11:00 h  Arrival at the East Gate – starting point of the visit of the Old city of Plovdiv – the tour is walking and takes about 120 minutes visiting some of the major sites such as:

The Ancient Theater - The Ancient theatre is one of the main public buildings of the Old Philippopolis. It has been constructed in the 90s of I century A.D. during the reign of Emperor Domitian (81-96 A.D.). Then Philippopol was under the rulership of Titus Flavius Cotis – an heir of a Thracian Royal Dynasty, the high priest of the Thracian province, representative of the Metropolitan Court of Justice and a person in charge of the construction sites. The theatre existed to the end of the 4th c. The theatre is among the best preserved ancient theatres in the world. The archaeological surveys were carried in 1968-1979 and at the end of this period the theatre was unearthed and partial conservation treatment carried.

Hindliyan’s House - built in 1834-35 by unknown master-builders, the House of Stepan Hindlian is one of the few symmetrical houses, preserved in their original.

13:00 -  Lunch in the Old city of Plovdiv
14:00 h–15:30 h - Free time for shopping – Main Street and Kapana district
15:30 h–16:30 h -  The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis was discovered during rescue archaeological excavations, carried out from 1982 to 1986. Until 2002 about half of the building was investigated and in 2016-2017 it was fully unearthed. The basilica was built over former monumental buildings and some of their structures have been archaeologically investigated. It functioned from the middle ot the 4th century until the end of the 6th century and during the Middle Ages a Christian necropolis was built over its ruins.
Return to Sofia – 18:00 h

Please, wear comfortable shoes as the roads in the Old city are paved. Hats or umbrellas are recommended if the day is sunny and hot.

(right image)
Main Street and Kapana district (Shopping area)