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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Social Events

1 July - 7 July, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria



Gala Dinner / Tours


Friday 5th June 2024
Venue: Lebeda Restaurant / The Swan Restaurant
Price: 85 Euros per person
The Gala dinner price includes the 4-course menu, local wine and soft drinks, entertainment and transportation from/to the AM venue – Grand Hotel Millennium.

On the very shores of Pancharevo Lake and only a few kilometers from the city center of Sofia, Lebeda restaurant takes you to a completely different world.  More than 100 species of rare birds inhabit the restaurant location and the garden, and the play of lights, the gentle murmur of water from the fountains and the velvety sound of soft music create the feeling that you are in the setting of a movie in which you are the main characters.


The Cuisine
The four-course menu is designed so that each dish sharpens the senses and creates an appetite for new experiences without leaving a feeling of heaviness. You will be offered mix platter of small bites, cheese and dips for appetizers, fresh tomatoes and burata salad, delicious stewed beef with mash potatoes and truffle and a desert. Vegetarians and/or fish enthusiasts can preorder also a fresh fish on BBQ. 

Please don’t forget to send us any dietary needs in advance so you can be accommodated the best way possible. 

The Wine
Does Bulgaria have good wine?
Bulgarian wines are very good quality and Bulgarians have a very long tradition in wine making. The first records of wine producing in the territories of modern Bulgaria are dated back to 5000 years ago. There are five Bulgarian main wine regions, which are divided into smaller sub-regions: Dunavska Ravnina - Danubian Plain, Chernomorski Rayon - Black Sea region, Rozova Dolina - Rosental or Lower Balkan region, Dolinata na Struma - Struma Valley.

The precise cultivation of the vineyards is extremely important. Most cellars use traditional methods with predominantly manual labor and with minimal intervention to upgrade the qualities of the grapes and to create wines with a superior taste. Some of the must-try local types of traditional Bulgarian wines include Gamza, Broad-Leaved Melnik, Shiroka Melnishka Loza, Dimyat, Mavrud and Rubin. There are many others that can astound you with their rich flavor and good quality.


The Entertainment
It is believed that art provokes emotions and changes perceptions. Through it, our gala dinner will we turn into unforgettable experience and memorable milestone of your stay in Sofia. You will experience a different world full of aesthetics, beauty and wonder. The dance floor will be open to those of you who desire to share the explosive energy of multination music and their friends and colleague’s positive energy. Everyone will be welcomed to share music and dance from his or her culture and region.


Details of local tours coming soon