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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

The Harold Bridger Award


The Award was funded by the Pratt Foundation from Melbourne in 2007 to honour the contribution of Harold Bridger to the Pratt Companies and to the larger field in general.
It is awarded annually for the paper judged to be the most original and creative paper presented by a member of 5 years standing or less at each Annual Meeting.
Papers are assessed by a Bridger Award Committee of three members comprised of a chair, appointed for a three year renewable term and two others appointed for a one year renewable term. The current chair is Larry Hirschhorn.

Recipients are:

2022 Leslie Goldenberg
Roles of the Coach Within the Walls: Trojan Horse, Field Medic, Canary in the Coal Mine
2021 Ajeet N. Mathur
Institutional toxicity in sticky polarities
2019 Kristina Karlsson
Hero to Partner in emergency management, Australia 
2018 Rachel Ellison
Comfort and containment: An exploration of the architectural and psychological 'spaces' associated with an experience of being in a neonatal intensive care unit
2017 Irena Izotova
Emotional Communications of Transference and Countertransference as an Instrument of Working with Organizational Unconscious Defenses in the Format of Psychoanalytic Business Coaching
2014 Louisa Diane Brunner
2013 Joy Humphreys
2012 David Patman
2011 Peliwe Mnguni
2010 Sandra Schruijer
2009 Debbie Bing

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