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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021


Podcast Series

Welcome to the series of professional development podcasts produced by The International Society for the Psychoanalyt…

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President's Letter - 4 October 2023

Dear ISPSO members, I am writing to you in my role of the President of our organization.
I feel honored that yo…

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President's Letter - April 2023

Please click here for members access to this letter.

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40th Anniversary Celebrations

40 years ago ISPSO was founded… … according to Larry by a group of 20 or so around a large conference r…

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President's Letter March 2023

Dear friends and colleagues, Time flies and we are already in March 2023 – it is incredible. I want to share wi…

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ISPSO Board Elections 2023 - voting closed

The 2023 voting period is 1st of April until 30th of April Voting has closed. Click here to see Election 2023 detai…

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President's Letter December 2022

Dear friends and colleagues, For many of us following the Gregorian calendar, the year will end soon. That also means…

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President's Letter August 2022

Offenbach, August 2022 Dear friends and colleagues, Our AM 2022 at the end of June/beginning of July is over since so…

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The Bridger Award Winner 2022 - Leslie Goldenberg

The Bridger Award is the prize for the most original and creative paper of an ISPSO member of 5 years standing or l…

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Jerry Fromm elected as an ISPSO Distinguished Member

Dear all, This week the board of ISPSO has elected Jerry Fromm as a Distinguished Member. Congratulations to Jerry, w…

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Presidents Letter June 2022

Offenbach, June 2022 Dear friends and colleagues, For all of you not attending the upcoming AM and/or the embedded AG…

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Claudia Nagel, March 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,  First, the ISPSO board would like to thank everyone who contributed for your thoughtfu…

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ISPSO Anti-racism Statement

In keeping with the Black Lives Matter movements worldwide, ISPSO unequivocally confirms its commitment to understand…

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ISPSO Statement on the war in Ukraine

The recent Russian military invasion of Ukraine disturbs the life, liberty, physical, and psychological well-being of…

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CLAUDIA NAGEL December 2021

Germany/Offenbach, the 14th of December 2021 Dear friends and colleagues, Normally in December the board of ISPSO m…

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