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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Distinguished Members

David Armstrong

David trained as a psychologist and has worked in action research and organisational consultancy for more than thirty…

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Harold Bridger

Harold Bridger (1909-2005), the last surviving founder member of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, has di…

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Renate Gronvold Bugge

Renate Grønvold Bugge is a qualified psychologist; she holds a graduate degree in Psychology from the Universi…

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Michael Diamond

Dr. Michael A. Diamond is Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs and Organization Studies, University of Missouri, Colu…

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Kenneth Eisold, Ph.D.

Kenneth Eisold, Ph.D., a psychologist and psychoanalyst, has been consulting to management dilemmas for a number of y…

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Jerry Fromm

Jerry Fromm trained as a psychoanalyst, at the Austen-Riggs psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts, USA where he worke…

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Larry Hirschhorn

Larry Hirschhorn is the Program Director of the Dynamics of Consulting Program. He is a Principal and Founder of CFAR…

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Thomas Gilmore

Thomas Gilmore, Principal, CFAR, has worked as a management consultant for 45 years, and has been a prolific writer t…

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Stanley Gold

Dr Stanley Gold MB.BS.(Melbourne) 1957, D.P.M.(London) 1961, M.R.A.N.C.P.(1972), MRCP.U.K.(Psych) 1975

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Manfred Kets de Vries

Manfred Kets de Vries is one of the founding members of ISPSO.
He is Director and Co-founder of KDVI (the Kets…

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James Krantz

James Krantz is an organizational consultant and researcher from New York City where he is a principal of Worklab, a…

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Dr W. Gordon Lawrence

Dr W. Gordon Lawrence (1934-2013) touched the lives of many of us across the globe in the worlds of psychoanalytic…

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Harry Levinson

Dr. Harry Levinson (1922-2012) was a small man, but a giant in the field of leadership. Almost single-handedly, he br…

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Susan Long

Dr Susan Long is Director, Research and Scholarship at NIODA. She was formerly Professor of Creative and Sustainable…

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Rose Redding Mersky

Rose Mersky is an organizational development consultant to a wide variety of private, public, non-profit and professi…

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Richard Morgan-Jones

Richard Morgan-Jones is an organisational consultant and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a practice in Eastbour…

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Burkard Sievers

Prof Burkard Sievers (1942-2022) was Professor Emeritus of Organization Development in the Schumpeter School for Busi…

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Kathleen White

Kathleen Pogue White, PhD, Principal, Pogue White Consultancy, LLC, is a psychoanalyst who applies the profession's c…

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DistiNguished memberS

The Distinguished Member Status is an award made by the Board to a member:

  • Whose work has had a significant and lasting impact on the field,
  • Whose contributions have been recognized in the wider arena of organizational work, beyond those areas and journals typically associated with the psychoanalytic study of organizations.
  • Who has clearly displayed intellectual leadership in the field.
  • Who has acted as an influential teacher and mentor to others, and made a significant contribution to the ISPSO.

Distinguished Member Status confers lifetime honorary membership in the Society. Nominations should be forwarded to the ISPSO Board for consideration. This award requires a unanimous vote of approval by the Board.