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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Membership Application


Membership in ISPSO is open to all who are interested in our purpose of “exploring how psychoanalytic thinking and practices can further our study of organizations and the wider social influences that impact them.” A training in the field or a psychoanalytic therapy would make your membership more beneficial.
Our field includes the study of unconscious and conscious dynamics at play in organizations. These may include culture, leadership, followership, authority, power relations, roles, teams, networks, stakeholder relations, creativity, innovation, emotions, identity, structures, and organizational change.

We also study how wider psycho-social conditions are impacted by various forces, including, technology, globalization, and local conditions, and how changing societal dynamics such as gender and identity impact organizational dynamics. Our international membership consists of consultants, academics, clinicians, coaches, managers, leaders, students and others who apply psychoanalysis to their work. ISPSO has a diverse mixture of members with a rich exchange of ideas, best-practices, theories, knowledge, and experiences.

DETAILS OF Application

When applying we would like to understand your interest and background in our field. Therefore we ask:

  • whether you had a Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis (no private details required)
  • whether you have experiences in Group Dynamics/Group Relations/GroupTherapy and 
  • whether you have experiences in Organizational Consultancy
  • We also ask for a statement of interest and a brief biography (both mandatory)

We have four categories of members, they all have the same rights, they just differ in fee contribution.

  • Full Membership: at USD$ 220, the expected standard fee from all members unless you have a reason for paying a lower fee
  • Sponsoring Membership at more than USD$ 220 for supporting our annual meetings, bursaries, special circumstances fees etc. Please use the donation link after full membership payment.
  • Reduced Fee Membership: at USD$ 155, if you are in a unusual personal life situation which makes it difficult to pay the standard fee this year.
  • Low Fee Membership: at USD$ 90, for full time students, unemployed, retired members.

If you are living under very special circumstances as in war or economic country crisis, the fee can be reduced to what is possible. Please contact for application.

Payment can be made either in USD or equivalent EU, AUD and GBP. We look forward to receiving your application. Thank you!


Please note that the application approval process usually takes about 3 weeks.

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