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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO Anti-racism Statement

In keeping with the Black Lives Matter movements worldwide, ISPSO unequivocally confirms its commitment to understand and bring to consciousness racism wherever it appears when we meet it in ourselves, in our organisations and in client organisations in order to promote and support the development of healthier, more humane, more capable and just organizations.

Our values are based on equity, diversity and inclusion, openness, respect and curiosity.
We are aware of the fact that both conscious and unconscious forms of racism impair the potential of organizations around the world by not promoting diversity on every level, diminishing their ability to relate to the wider social context of customers, clients, and suppliers without prejudice. We strive to bring to consciousness and understand the dynamics behind every situation where people are not being respected or fairly treated because of race in order to promote and support equal possibilities for all in thriving organisations.

We acknowledge that racism is a challenge also in our own organization, and we seek to further understand how exclusion or discrimination attributable to race plays a part in the way we work with and relate to each other within ISPSO. We do this out of respect for every member, and for the sake of the health and capacity of ISPSO processes, systems and structures and to better address and understand racial issues when we encounter them with clients and in society at large.

We are acutely aware, that race/ethnicity is one dimension in the complex inter-sectional dynamics of repression, oppression, suppression and expression along with other variables such as socio-economic status, class, caste, color and gender that our members explore and address in research, theory and practice in the hope for a future where diversity will become a real source of positive development around the world.