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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO AM 2024 Conference

1 JULY - 7 JULY, 2024



Transfers from Sofia Airport to the ISPSO venue and around

1. Travelling by public transport:

Metro Railway
Sofia Airport Metro Station is located in the eastern part of Terminal 2. You can reach it by following the blue markings on the floor of the public area of Terminal 2. The M4 Line of Sofia Metro connects Sofia Airport with the city center – at Sofia University Metro Station and Serdika Metro Station. The trip takes about 30 minutes. By changing lines at Serdika Metro Station you can go to Sofia Central Bus Station and Sofia Central Railway Station. The metro trains from and to the airport run from 5:30 to 24:00 on weekdays and holidays.

There are travel card vending machines at Sofia Airport Metro Station. You can use Bulgarian banknotes, coins or a credit card to purchase a travel card. It costs 1.60 BGN. The single-trip travel card for the metro has to be validated by the validators at the entrance to the metro stations. 

Sofia Metro offers a connection between the airport and the venue with a line change at Serdica station - from line 4 to line 2 (Direction Vitosha). The stop next to the venue (Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia and Rosslyn Central Park Hotel) is called the National Palace of Culture and you must take the exit to the NDK then about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance to the venue. The Rosslyn hotel is just next to the metro exit. If you have booked your accommodation at Hemus Hotel, your final stop is European Union – the next one after National Palace of Culture.
See the metro train map here (jpeg).

You can also reach the city center of Sofia by the airport bus lines – Numbers 84 and 184. They reach the Eagles Bridge next to Borisova Gradina Park where you can switch to Bus 72. One-way ticket is 1.60 BGN if you buy by credit card from the validators inside of the bus or 2.00 BGN if you buy from the driver. The ticket is valid for changes within 30 minutes and if there is a lot of traffic, you might need an additional one for the second bus ride.

Around the city: The daily pass in Sofia is 4 BGN – you can buy it from the official kiosk where available or by charging the same credit/debit card more than 2 times on the validators inside of the public transportation vehicles.

More information can be found on the official website of the public transportation in Sofia – Sofia Traffic -

2. Travelling by Taxi:

For your comfort and safety, we recommend the services of the taxi operator Yellow! as the contractual partner of SOF Connect, the concessioner of Sofia Airport. Look for the Yellow! cars at the main taxi rank or request the service at the offices of Yellow! in the Arrivals of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Please be aware that taxis in Bulgaria are normally yellow color but recently as the electric cars are preferred at the European market, you might see also green (eco) cars.

Official number +359 2 9 11 19 or there is an application available for Android and Apple users or on their website:

We recommend that you do not use taxi services offered outside the office of the taxi operator or in front of the terminal to avoid the risk of abuse.

Taxi fares might be about 20 euros to the hotel depending on the traffic.

3. Booking Transfers:

Participants can book transfers from our official travel agent – Company for International Meetings Ltd. through their booking platform – Prices are as follows - 20 euros for one direction or 38 euros for both directions. You may book a transfer from/to the official hotels of the event – Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia, Central Park Rosslyn Hotel and Hemus Hotel.

Also see:
The Sofia Tourism office provides most necessary information. 

Martin Ringer offers a handy tip:
I love metro systems! .... What the website does not say is that you need Bulgarian cash to buy single tickets. There are currency exchange facilities at the airport but best not to change too much because their rates are much worse than in Downtown Sofia. 
There is also a machine that takes credit cards to dispense multiple tickets. Both the ticket booth and the machine are at the entry to the metro that is accessible from the left hand exit of the airport.