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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

AM24-PDW10: Psychodynamic study of the Leader's Role through combining Role Biography and Attachment Theory: Searching for leader's Identity and relationship patterns


Professional Development Workshop: PDW 10
Tuesday 2 July 2024
9.15am to 1.00pm EEST

Psychodynamic study of the Leader's Role through combining Role Biography and Attachment Theory: Searching for leader's Identity and relationship patterns

Facilitator: Anna Reiche


A leader is a significant figure a key participant and in organizational dynamics and sometimes the direct epicenter of them. Standing on the boarder between organization and highly uncertain and unpredictable context leader should understand much more about his role and its conflicts to lead the organization.

Workshop participants are offered a projective psychodynamic applied working tool that combines two instruments: examining leaders role through role biography and studying the type of atachment a leader has demonstrated at different stages of his or her life. The role biography helps to expose changes and emerging conflicts, while the atachment study provides a larger relationship perspective. This instrument could also be applied to followers or even beyond the organization, for a deeper understanding of the client's role conflict.

This workshop will be useful for:

  • Executive therapists, coaches and business psychologists psychodynamicly studying leadership thinking, development and behavior
  • Organizational consultants, who are interested in digging deeper into the relationship paterns of leaders, partners and followers
  • Group and team consultants who study role conflict and relationships within organizations

Relying on two tools combined into one the workshop provides the opportunity to:

- projectively examine role changes in relation to atachment type,
- see role conflict through the lens of atachment theory and its impact on relationships within the organization.
- explore how a leader seeks or does not seek support, what paterns are repeating in relationships with partners and followers,
- study how people with different types of atachments "play" their roles
- hypothesize whether and how a leader has a "secure base" and how is it placed within the organization

* In teamwork, the "role biography" part can be successfully replaced by the "team biography", which, in conjunction with attachment knowledge helps to work with team identity at a deeper level.

Schedule - Half Day

45 min - theory, mostly about the methodology how to projectively combine "Role biography" and leader's atachment type, what to look at and how to search hypothesis about conscious and unconscious processes which influence relationships in organization.
15 min - break
2,5 hours - group work: participants will be invited to go through their personal projective study with a 30 minutes reflection after the process.

Biographical Summary

Anna Reiche (Makhova) Master in psychology, psychodynamic organizational consultant, executive and team coach, group-consultant, expert in organizational development and psychological risks, certified business coach BC1 and member of the APCBC Board, intervisor of the Master's program "Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Counseling" at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.