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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO AM 2023 Conference

26 June - 2 July 2023
South Africa



Social Dreaming, followed by Social Reflection Dialogue
Every Morning
: Monday 26 June to Sunday 2nd July 8.30am-9.30am SAST
including Social Reflection Dialogue at 9.15-9.30am
(no streaming broadcast or online)

Conveners include:  Caroline Farmer, Michelle S May, Calum McComb, Thabo Mofomme 

Social Dreaming provides a space for the conference participants to share the deep meaning of dreams as they emerge, not on an individual level, but on the social/collective level. We will invite participants to offer dreams and engage in a process of responding to the dreams with another dream or with an association. There is no interpretation or discussion, as the dreams, not the dreamers, speak with each other. In Social Dreaming, we focus on the dreams and not the dreamer. By sharing dreams and weaving our dream images, feelings, and associations we are able to reflect on emergent patterns and new collective meaning. Social Dreaming transcends the individual. By listening and associating to dreams in a matrix of dreamers we can learn more about resurfacing soul, circularity, and spirituality in organisations and with the possibility to access indigenous knowledge systems (IKS). Dreams in IKS are used for accessing different ways of knowing and the spiritual realm. Sharing dreams in a Social Dreaming Matrix can help us accesses hidden depths and paradoxes of human experience and make these available for reflection and action in relation to the conference theme.

In the Dream Reflection Dialogue, we explore what has arisen in the matrix. The dreams may reveal new perspectives, raise collective concerns, or reflect new thoughts and meanings in relation to this annual meeting or the wider social context.

The social Dreaming Matrix has been a tradition for over 25 years to offer a space each day for Social Dreaming. The matrix will open in the morning for an hour and will include a Dream Reflection Dialogue from Monday to Saturday. The final session on Sunday will be a shared reflection space about the dreams and the experience of Social Dreaming together.