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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO AM 2023 Conference

26 June - 2 July 2023
South Africa


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Parallel Papers Session 1 - FRIDAY 13:30-14:45 SAST

PP1 - Venue 1
The spiritual dimension in mourning process - Rituals as a symbolic tool after disasters.

Presenter: Renate Groenvold Bugge
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PP2 - Venue 2
Reflecting on South Africa's collective trauma and how to heal our injured soul
Presenter: Dr Jean Henry Cooper
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PP3 - Online
"Community Psychoanalysis": An Introduction to an Emergent Paradigm in American Psychoanalysis
Presenters: George Bermudez, Ph.D., Psy.D.  
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PP4 - Venue 4
Leading from Experience: Spirit, Circularity and the Consultative Stance
Presenters: Gerard Fromm, James Krantz, Donna Elmendorf & Dannie Kennedy
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PP5  - Online 
Religion and organisations - Learning from the Balinese about an absent presence
Presenters: Mark Argent
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Parallel Papers Session 2 - FRIDAY 15:15 - 16:30 SAST

PP6 - Online
Life after Life: exploring the psychodynamics of regeneration
Presenter: Prof. (Dr) Ajeet N. Mathur
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PP7 - Venue 2
The soul of the organization - archetypal paradox, belief systems or what?
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Claudia Nagel
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PP8 - Venue 3
Jazz Hands
Presenters: Lurinda Maree & Prof Marie-Heleen Coetzee 
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PP9 - Venue 4
Group relations conferences in China 2014 to 2019: theory and dynamics
Presenters: Seth Harkins & Xiaohua Lu
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PP10 - Online
Finding the Role of Active Citizen
Presenter: Edward R. Shapiro
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Parallel Papers Session 3 - SATURDAY 10:00am-11.15am SAST

PP12 - Venue 2
The weave of many languages
Presenters:  Franca Fubini, Leslie Brissett  and the staff of ECW online 2023
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PP14 - Venue 4
Covert impact of organisational transformation on employees within the financial services sector: Resurfacing spirituality in organisations
Presenters: Sarah Nkwana (main presenter) & Prof. Michelle S. May
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PP15 - Online
In favour of Jungian coaching - resurfacing soul and spirit in organizations
Presenter: Dr. Avi Goren Bar
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Parallel Papers Session 4 - SATURDAY 14:00 - 15:15 SAST

PP16 - Venue 1
“Why would you choose this life?” Spirituality, suffering in modern workplace and the question of autonomy. A Lacanian perspective.
Presenter:  Dr Joanna Trela
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PP17 - Venue 2
Transmogrification; resurfacing the soul of the organisation
Presenters: Dr. Louise Tonelli (main presenter) & Prof. Michelle S May
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PP18 - Online
Many Realities, Many systems: How explore the Embodied Futures with Wonder?
Presenter: Dr. Sari Mattila
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PP19 - Venue 4
The impact of unconscious group dynamics on the transformation journey of a South African township primary school 
Presenter: Regan Berry
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PP20 - Online
Spirit in Organisations: the coming into being
Presenter:  Susan Long 
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Parallel Papers Session 5 - SATURDAY 15:45 - 17:00 SAST

PP21 - Venue 1
A Life of PHI: fractal geometries of human behaviour in organisations
Presenter: Prof Sanchen Henning
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PP22 - Venue 2
Lacanian Poetics of Interpretation and its Practical Application in Psychoanalytic Executive Coaching
Presenter: Irena Izotova
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PP23 - Venue 3
Voluntary Turnover as a Social Defence: When Soul is Exported
Presenter: Dr. Calum McComb
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PP24 - Online
ANOTHER WAY – How Buddhism work with the unconscious
Presenter: Pearl Tran
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PP11 - Online
The “good-enough” consultant: Resurfacing the individual in the psychoanalytic consultation to and study of organizations
Presenter: Peter Szabo
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PP13 - Online
Reconstructing Meaning: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Implicit Organizational Trauma
Presenters: Dr. Bryan McNutt, PhD & Dr. Joseph Duggan, PhD
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Parallel Papers Session 6 - SUNDAY 10:00am-11.00am CEST

PP25 - Venue 1
A Practitioner Suggestion for a Tool to Explore the Intersectionality Between Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and Psychoanalytical Thinking and Provide a Bridge to Support the Resurfacing of Soul, Spirituality and Circularity in Organizations
Presenter: Hanna Kotze
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PP26 - Venue 2
Soul Resurfaced : The single story of a South African Female that found meaning through positive psychological coaching interventions
Presenters: Dr. Rica Viljoen & Prof Adri Drotskie
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PP27 - Online
Organisations as staff health support systems
Presenter: Akansha Chojher & Fiona Martin
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PP28 - Online
Be careful what you wish for: when the collectivist spirit collides with capitalism
Presenter: Dr. Kate Dempsey
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