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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Toledo 2009

Differences at Work: Toward Containment and Integration

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Differences at Work: Toward Containment and Integration

Chair: Manuel Seijo Diaz

Ken Eisold
The Psychoanalytic Difference at Work.

Thomas Gilmore & Mal O´Connor
Working Through Differences Among Leaders and Dominant Coalitions Across Generations: The Challenge of Integrationg Past , Present, Future.

Robert French & Peter Simpson
In Sickness and in Health: Using Bion´s Group Theory to Contain Faillure and Succes in Organizations.

Simon Western
Cyborgs and Entanglements: Locationg Ourselves in a Strange Land.

Burkard Sievers
Beneath the Surface of the Financiañ Industry: Prolegomena to a Socioanalysis of the Present Global Financial Crisis.

Larry Hirschhorn
Organizational Doscourses and Group Process: How the Partners of a Public Relations Firm Coped with an Emerging Divide.

Gordon Lawrence and Brendan Duddy

Silvia Prins
“Being in Good Hands”: Creating Containing Conditions in Group Mediation.

Hannah Piterman
The Leadership Challenge: Reconciling the Place of the Femine as the Road to Sustainability.

Ernest Frugé & William A Myerson & Marc E. Horowitz
Merger and Leadership: Containment and Integration in Medical and Psychoanalytic Organizations.

Herbert Hahn
Dreaming and Transformation Beyond the Couch.

Thomas Hoffman
Forgiveness as mediator of individual Integration and Organizational Reparation: Lessons from Psychoanalysis and Kabbalah.

Matias Sanfuentes
Narcissism or Social-ism? A Psychoanalutic Exploration of the Dynamics of Heroism in Public Institutions.

Richard Morgan-Jones & Nuno Torres
Under the Skin of the Organisation Violation and the Shamelessness-Searching for a Model to Explore Proto-

Stephanie Segal
“In my Country, Managers can Spell” Tales of Cross Cultural Mismanagement and REsistence to Difference.

Angela Eden
Working in the Cracks: Fragmentation or Creativity?

Sándor Takács
“Social Crying” - Complaining as a Uniting force (The Case os a Retail Bank in Hungary).

Sandra G.L. Schruijer
The Dynamics of Collusion in Multiparty Interactions.

Giovanni Foresti & Franca Fubini & Mario Perini
Psychoanalytic supervision and consultancy: Promoting staff support system in instit

Howard S. Schwartz
Religion Against Itself: Psychodynamics of some Television Commercial Produced by the United Church of Christ.

Leopold Vansina & Gilles Amado
The Special Meaning of Integration Different Role Identities to Realise Organisational Obejctives

J L Bazalgette & G B Irvine & C Quine
The purpose of Meaning and The Meaning of Purpose: A Container for our Atomized yet Globalised World.

William Halton
Group Relations: Achieving a new difference

Lionel F. Stapley
Relatedness; The Twin Brother of Difference.Read more…

Pedro Vaz Santos & Tiago de Sousa Mendes
At Stake-Holding: Integration and Containment in Non-Profit Organizations.

Michelle May
The Unconscious at Work in a South African Historically Black University: Exploring the (K)not of a Relationship Between Lecturers and Management.

Carole Eigen / Philip Boxer
The Consultant´s Dilema: Discovering Differences that Deliver Value.

Tim Dartington
Fragmentation and integration: a chronic dilemma in the interplay of cultural and task differences in organizational effectiveness.

Jacqueline Sirota and Julian Manley
In the Same Boat but Facing forward. Can we Bear to See the Difference and Look where we´re Going?

Gilles Arnaud & Roland Guinchard
Symbolic Differences and the Oedipus Complex in the Work Place: Frustation, Deprivation and Prohibition.

Rose Redding Mersky
Finding our Balance: Reflection on thinking, knowing and Doing in ISPSO.

Jinette de Goojier & Mike Faris
Meeting the Desire for Different Leaders in the Health System: Inventing consumer Leadership.