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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO AM 2024 Conference

1 July - 7 July, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria



PaperS to be presented at THE 2024 Symposium

River of Division and Integration - dialogue among Slovenian and Serbian tripartite matrices.
Igor Ambrožic

Psychoanalytically informed exploration of the evolving role of Organisations in the post pandemic world.
Akansha Arora & Fiona Martin

Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Effectiveness of Future Search.
Jeffrey Axelbank 

“Not alone in the trauma”
Researching the design and impact of the Social Photo-Matrix and Social Dream-Drawing Methodologies on groups and teams in disturbed times. 
Irina Brazhnikova, Rose Redding Mersky & Ekaterina Shapovalova

The Developmental Conflict in Groups.
Conrad Chrzanowski

Citizens Assemblies as a representative forum for civilizations and their discontents - working with conscious and unconscious dynamics in 
societal challenges and dilemmas.
Manon de Jongh

Freud’s Psychoanalysis of Racial, Gender and Other Forms of Systemic Othering with Some Implications for Contemporary
Organizational Leadership and Consulting. 

Wally Fletcher

Psychoanalysis and its Discontents: Mission and Values in Analytic Institutes.
Gerard Fromm

From Milkshakes to Menzies-Lyth:
A taste of proposed PhD research into the efficacy of reflective practice as a containing function for teachers in Australia.
Kristina Karlsson

Bricks Without Mortar. 
James Krantz & Jack Marmorstein

Defenses and Discontents: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Emerging Technologies. 
Michael Langlois

Civilizational discontents and maladaptations in socio-technical systems: Are uncommon futures inevitable at the cusp of the Anthropocene?
Ajeet N. Mathur

Overcoming the discontents of hybrid working.
Helen McKelvie, Thomas Mitchell, Cath McKinney, Seth Thomasson & Sally Mussared

Looking for sources of innovation, transformation and new positive futures in the creative industries.
Thea Mikkelsen

 Systems-Psychodynamic Guerilla Style within Development of the Belgrade Koinonia-Art Training in the
Traumatized Psycho-Social Fields with Paradigm Clashes.
Marina Mojovic

Who takes care of co-existence? Exploring the exacerbation of polarization in connection to the shifting nature of the vertical and lateral axes.
Petros Oratis

Combating the toxic work environment: need of handlers or holders?
Prerna Panda

Exploring the confluence of systems psychodynamics group coaching with a career leadership model.
Adrian Parsadh

The Psychedelic Balcony: Phantastic Object or Simply Fantastic?
Courtney Rennicke

Communication and the civilising process: A case study from within ISPSO.
Martin Ringer & András Gelei

 Journey to the South of Vulnerability: Abject Appearance in the subjective precarity of migrant professional Venezuelan women.
Matías Sanfuentes & Francisco Valenzuela

Civilisation and its Malcontents.
Ron Spielman

The Virtual World and its Discontents: Exploring Anxieties, Defences, and Boundaries in Zoom and Similar Platforms.
Kalina Stamenova, Irene O Byrne-Maguire & Bryan Maguire

The Tavistock work discussion group method: Using a group method to promote curiosity in work with discontented organisations.
Mark Stein 

Containment of discontent and clashes of civilizations – the South African Crucible.
Rica Viljoen

Relating to technology as an actor in our discontented organizations and civilizations.
Nick Waggett

What custom sternly divides? The dynamics of influence and impasse.
James Walker

Humanitarians: Civilising the Discontents Beyond salvation: the psychosocial dynamics of humanitarians.
Simon Western & Gareth Owen

Politics of Difference - Uses and Abuses.
Charlotte Williams

Navigating multicultural landscapes: Psychoanalytic approach to team dynamics in post-conflict relocation.
Elena Zadorojnaia