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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021


Version: 2023a

Effective from the 1st December 2023

This policy defines procedures for obtaining consent when recording individuals for educational or training purposes, ensuring compliance with applicable privacy laws and respecting individuals' rights.

This policy covers all recordings made at an event, program, or activity (here called the ‘Event’) organised by ISPSO. It concerns the process of giving consent, by both presenters and the audience, for the Event to be recorded.

The policy refers to an audio or video file of virtual or in-person interactions made with the intention to be replayed (here called the ‘Recording’). 


Consent by presenters:

Consent for one-off recordings
A one-off recording is a Recording made available to the registered audience of that Event for a limited time. The audience is granted access to listen to and view the Recording up to 30 days after the Event but not to copy or distribute the Recording. Any exceptions to the time limit will be announced during the Event before the start of the Recording and in the Agreement to one-off recording.

After this time limit, the Recording will be deleted and not stored. The ISPSO Technical Administrator is responsible for the deletion of one-off Recordings.

Presenters and all other designated speakers are required to sign a copy of the Agreement to one-off recording before the start of the Event.

Consent for archived recordings
An archived Recording is made to be kept for identified and unidentified future use. ISPSO is the owner and is responsible for the storage, protection, and use of archived Recordings. Individuals’ privacy rights are addressed in the ISPSO Privacy Policy Statement available on the ISPSO website.

Presenters and all other designated speakers are required to sign a copy of the Speaker Release Agreement and to acknowledge having read and understood the ISPSO Privacy Policy Statement before the start of the Event.

Consent by the audience:

Participants in an ISPSO event are required to register, preferably online via the ISPSO website.

At the point of registration, they will be informed about the expectation of the Event being recorded.  They will be asked to confirm acknowledgement of the Recording intent and giving their consent to be recorded, having read the two documents online: ISPSO Privacy Policy Statement and the ISPSO Policy on Recording Consent (this document)

During the Event, before the start of the Recording, the intention to record is to be repeated, and participants are reminded of their consent for the recording of the Event. Participants take the responsibility to self-manage their appearance, vocal or visual, at the Event.

Storage of written consents
All signed consent agreements are stored by the Administrative Director in a folder accessible by active Board members.

Withdrawal of consent by presenters
Presenters and designated speakers may submit a written request to the Administrative Director ( to withdraw their signed Speaker Release Agreement. The consequence of such withdrawal might mean that the Recording would no longer be available for intended use and time and costs may have been incurred by ISPSO. A request to withdraw must be submitted to the Board and only granted with the Board’s agreement in exceptional cases.

Role and Responsibility
The person or group organising an event is responsible to obtain consent for any Recording.

The ISPSO Board is responsible for implementing the policy. At any given time, the Board may appoint the appropriate point of contact to give support to event organisers.

Any review or update of this policy is to be decided by the Board.