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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Elsinore 2010

The Angel of History and the Ghost of the Future: Psychodynamics and Organizational Change

The Angel of History and the Ghost of the Future: Psychodynamics and Organizational Change

Chair: Steen Visholm

Monday 14th – Sunday 20th June
at LO-skolen, Elsinore, Denmark

The four elements:
I. Symposium
II. Professional Development Workshops
III. Members' Day
IV. Social Dreaming & Social Association

Monday 14th – Thursday 17th: Professional Development Workshops
Thursday 17th Members’ Day
Friday 18th – Sunday 20th: Symposium
Friday 18th – Sunday 20th: Social dreaming and Social association

The Symposium
Keynote speakers:
Vamik Volkan:
Ancient Fuel for a Modern Inferno: The Reactivation of a 'Chosen Trauma’

Lilian Munk Rösing:
The Haunting Father. Shakespeare's Hamlet and Freud's Moses

Ken Eisold:
Working With the New Unconscious

Parallel Papers I:
Anti-oepidal Forces in the Sub-prime Mortgage Debacle
Howard S. Schwartz

Me and My Job: Transforming performance appraisals through role conversations
Susan Long, John Newton, Diana Dalton, Kylie Fujii & Mike Faris

Networks: the Siren Song of our time - Socioanalytic reflections on the seductive appeal of networks
Kate Dempsey and Arndt Ahlers-Niemann

The Cycle of Betrayal and Revenge as Defensive Procedures in Organizational and Psychic Life
Laima Sappington & Rodney Sappington

The financial crisis, systemic risk and the problem of authority
Larry Hirschhorn

Organizations and Leadership that are "Confidence-Inducing," "Felt-Fair" and stimulate Trust, Initiative and Collaboration: A re-examination of the later work of Eliot Jaques
Nick Papadopoulos

Institutional Victimization and its Quiet Heroes
Mary Burgess & Carole Eigen

Parallel Papers II:
Are These Bad Times Really Good Times for Change in Organizations: Putting the Superego Back Where It Belongs
Hannah Azizollah

Locating and Relocation: The Tate Modern to Beirut by Campervan
Simon Western & Batul Al-khatib

"Remember Me:" A Study of Memorialization in the Context of the Tragedy at Virginia Tech
M. Gerard Fromm

"Applying 'relatedness' to Basic Assumptions; organization in the mind; and primitive defense mechanisms"
Lionel Stapley

Money and hidden ways of dependency in women
Alicia E. Kaufmann

"The Castaways of Life:" A Socio-analytic Study on the Function of Memory and Oblivion in a Geriatric Hospital's Intergenerational Matrix
Matias Sanfuentes

Dancing with Orthodoxy: The Discovery of a Socio-Somatic Movement
Martin Ringer

Stream 1
Individuality and collectivity
Conductors: Heidi Rose & Leopold Vansina

"Is the heart a lonely hunter? Revisiting Tarde's ideas on emotion, influence and the emotional bedrock of social relations."
Hebe Comerford

"What does 'being corporate' really mean? - challenging self-limiting assumptions, loosening the collusive lattice"
Bruce Irvine & Vega Roberts

Stream 2
Coping, defenses and roles in organisations
Conductors: Kirsti Andersson & Matthew Gieve

The Transfer of Evil
Dr. Stanley Gold

"Deaths of Nobodies" Understanding Cultural Products and Intellectual Discourse
Dorit Szykierski

"The Gathering storm. How to understand, prevent and cope with the devastating effect of organisational storms."
Francesca Cardona

"Why don't they make more effort to fit in?" Attitudes to Religious Difference: Prejudice, Stereotyping and Xenophobia in the Global Workplace
Stephanie Segal

Stream 3
Tradition, renewal, utopia
Conductors: Marika Brandt Brune & Hanne Larsson

The Ghost of Judas: A Spectre haunting the Christian Church
Tom Michael

The Myth of Creativity at Work
Carlos Sapochnik

"Crawling back into the cave/womb in full flight from unsustainable futures."
Peliwe P. Mnguni

Stream 4
Risks, creativity and destructiveness
Conductors: Angela Eden & Lars Gustafsson

"The Battle of Financial Angels Across Time in Realizing a Renewed Vision of a Music Conservancy."
Thomas N. Gilmore

"Something is Rotten in the State of the Organizations"
Ase Lading

"Strategy Development and Systems Psychodynamic Theory: The Idea of Tuning-in Examined."
Peter Szabo

Stream 5
Psychodynamics of financial crises
Conductors: Marike van Dam & Bent Aage Jorgensen

"The Attempted Murder of Money and Time: the Work of the Angel of History in Addressing the Global Systemic Banking Crisis."
Richard Morgan-Jones

"Phaethon at work." A psychological exploration of the myth of Phaethon and the fall in corporate careers.
Dr. Hans van den Hooff

"Policy Making and its Psychoanalytic Underpinnings"
Bruno Boccara

"Taking Psychodynamic Thinking from the Ivory Tower to the Shop Floor." How to make psychodynamic reflections relevant and value-adding in a bottom-line-focused context.
Lotte Svalgaard & Dorte Sandager

Stream 6
Change and succession
Conductors: Judith Bell & Kristoffer L. Andersen

"Beyond the Family-as-Psychic-Template in Organisations"
Brigid S. Nossal

"Where past and future meet: Clues from Bion and from the Christian tradition on attention-in-the-moment"
Robert French

"Poetry as a source of hope in contemporary organizations"
Peter Bobak