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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

AM24-PDW1: Applications of Social Dreaming


Professional Development Workshop: PDW1
Monday 1 July, 2024 and
Tuesday 2 July
9.15am to 5.45pm EEST

Applications of Social Dreaming

Prof. Susan Long, Dr Franca Fubini & Elco Schwartz

This workshop aims to introduce participants to ways of working with social dreaming outcomes. It will use the methods of Creative Role Synthesis and applications to poetry. Participants are expected to participate in the social dreaming matrices conducted during the ISPSO Annual Meeting.

Social Dreaming:
Social Dreaming is a way of working with dreams where the focus is on the dream and not the dreamer. In Social Dreaming, the meaning of a dream is about the broader world in which we live. In a Social Dreaming event called a matrix, participants are invited to offer their dreams and, through associations, explore the possible social meanings contained. The dreams are not interpreted for personal meaning, but connections are made to social life. A social dreaming matrix is usually followed by a dream reflection dialogue where hypotheses are developed about the social meaning emerging from the matrix. Social dreaming is a current expression of dream sharing with the intent to formulate or discover new hypotheses about the community and the world we live in. (See Long and Manley 2019).

Creative Role Synthesis:
Creative Role Synthesis has the primary task of identifying a paradoxical challenge, or existential puzzle, or conundrum or issue, or problem or doubt of living and making a synthesis of the systemic elements involved to find a creative role (Fubini 2004). Dreams from dream matrices are included in the exploration. The puzzle may be work related or non-work related.
Applications to Poetry: Dreams are often the basis of poetic work. Participants need not have any prior work with poetry, just a willingness to explore their experience and write about it.

The following is from a poem called Dream Beast by Mark Bird:
Feel the roar rumble.
Hear every shout.
It’s your beast of a dream
just dying to get out.

Process: Two-day workshop

Day One
Introduction to social dreaming application and the ethics of application 30 mins
Session 1: Introduction to the CRS method with a demonstration
Session 2: Continuing the work with CRS.
Session 3: Continuing the work with CRS
Session 4: Sharing the experience of CRS

Day Two
Overnight Reflections
Session 1: Introduction to poetry writing, and short prose writing
Session 2: Writing poems and short prose
Session 3: Continuing the work of writing and beginning sharing
Session 4: Sharing the writing and closing

Bird, M. "Dreambeast." Family Friend Poems, September 17, 2021.
Fubini, F (2004) “Creative Role Synthesis: The Sphinx looks at the individual
Long, S.D. and Manley, J. (2019) Social Dreaming: Philosophy, Theory, Research and Practice London:Routledge.

Biographical Summaries

Prof Susan Long
Susan Long is a Melbourne based academic, organisational consultant and executive coach. Previously Professor of Creative and Sustainable Organisation at RMIT University, she is now Professor Emerita at the National Institute for Organisation Dynamics Australia (NIODA) where she now co-leads their PhD program, and a coach and consultant in private practice. She teaches at INSEAD in Singapore and the University of Divinity in Melbourne where she is involved in coaching programs. She has consulted to organisational change in the health and justice sectors and coached senior executives across many sectors. She has worked with executives from many different nationalities and from diverse industries, having taught or consulted in the UK, the USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Israel, Thailand and Singapore. She also works as a supervisor and coach for organisational development professionals in Australia and Singapore. She has over 35 years of experience with Group Relations, having been on staff or directed many conferences. Susan has been in a leadership position in many professional organisations and is an author having published ten books and many articles in books and scholarly journals, is General Editor of the journal Socioanalysis and an Associate Editor with Organisational and Social Dynamics. She is a past member of the Advisory Board for Mental Health at Work with Comcare and of the Board of the Judicial College of Victoria (2011-2016). Susan is a distinguished member of ISPSO.

Dr Franca Fubini
Franca Fubini, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, group analyst, supervisor and organisational consultant. Member, consultant and director of Group Relations conferences. With Lawrence and Baglioni, introduced Social Dreaming in Italy and developed the fields of its applications. She designed the SDiN Social dreaming training for Hosts in partnership with TIHR, Nioda and Ofek. Facilitator of Reflective Citizenship and of Listening Posts. Chair of Social Dreaming international Network (SDiN). Member of OPUS and of ISPSO, former associate Chair of il Nodo Group.

Elco Schwartz
As business consultant and executive coach, Elco Schwartz draws on 30 years of experience in various roles as senior executive and consultant, working and living in markets like China, the USA, Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh, Ghana, Australia, and Singapore. His focus is change management, leadership development and the development and implementation of strategic transformations through building high performing, multi-cultural teams. Elco is passionate about education and was for 6 years a Board member of the Western Academy of Beijing, a leading International Baccalaureate School. To continue his learning journey, Elco is pursuing his doctoral studies at the Amsterdam Business Research Institute of the VU on the topic of supervisory board effectiveness and team dynamics. Elco holds a Master Degree in Industrial Engineering and an INSEAD Executive Master Degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change (with Distinction). His thesis researched the system-psychodynamics behind highly effective female leadership in modern China and was published in the Journal Socoioanalysis #23. Elco is also actively exploring group dynamics through participation and consulting at various group relations conferences and he certified for the Tavistock and NIODA sponsored international training program to host, apply and research in social dreaming. LinkedIn Profile: