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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO Monthly Members Meeting - 28 May

This month’s MMM space is offering the theme of “How are we connected?”. In a world where separation is no longer viable, what connections keep us together, nourish us and provide us safety. This also poses the question of what keeps us separate, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. To what are we connected? What about Nature, the Earth and all its flora and fauna? The seas, mountains and valleys? Where is the line drawn? What if there is no line to draw?

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As previous we are offering two- 2 hour sessions to explore the theme.

In the first session at 7:30 am UTC, we will explore two doctoral journeys by both Rebecca Nestor and Margo Lockhart with a focus on the relationship between humans and the more-than-human, and the impact that humans are having on the wider world.

Rebecca’s work reflected the relationship between the unconscious dynamics proposed in ‘depth climate psychology’ and the dynamics in organisations where communicating climate change is part of the work. She found links with climate trauma and a potentially trauma-infused basic-assumption mentality. Rebecca will discuss her personal motivation for the study and the emotional experience of her fieldwork and writing up.

Margo researched our relatedness with and about animals and the conscious and unconscious psychodynamics involved in these relations. Her research involves one-to-one interviews, site visits, group sessions, and her own auto-ethnographic stories, all with the aim of exploring the complex social dynamics surrounding behaviour and conversations about the treatment of animals and meat eating. Margo will share her methods of research and how the work has impacted her personally.

In the second session at 14:00 UTC we will have an open floor plan. Since this MMM is the last before the ISPSO Annual Meeting in South-Africa, maybe we can reflect and turn our gaze towards what’s in our minds with regards to the topic of the AM. And as always, you are invited to bring in any topic of your choice, seek support and lead it and discuss it either in the main group or in a small group.

We also kindly invite all new members to join the MMM:

- To meet and connect with long-running members of ISPSO,
- To feel the spirit of organization,
- To share ideas and ask questions if there are any. As always, we welcome any themes that you want to suggest and would like to lead.

This is an ISPSO Members only event. Note that the event takes place on the QiqoChat platform.
If you haven’t used the Qiqochat space before, kindly contact us for details on how to access the MMM space. The QiqoChat Space will be open for 24 hours, so the rooms are available for members from all time zones to review and post ideas any time. You can join the MMM space earlier and/or linger afterwards to discuss and meet if you so choose.

The MMM Team
Nevena, Pearl and Sari