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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO Monthly Members Meeting - 26 March

We invite all ISPSO members to join the next Monthly Members Meeting on QiqoChat.

This month’s MMM theme is “Come to meet”. We offer the space for anything that arises from the need for co-creation and that you wish to explore.

To facilitate the discussion, we offer two moderated sessions of two hours each. The morning session starts at 7:30 UTC and the afternoon session at15:00 UTC. Kindly double check the time in your time zone due to Summer time changes.

In these sessions, we will hear from a representative of the AM Team about the coming ISPSO AM 2023 (South Africa) and what is happening there. After this, we will open the space for discussion. In addition to this, we invite all new members to join the MMM:

  • To meet and connect with long-running members of ISPSO,
  • To feel the spirit of organization,
  • To share ideas and ask questions if there are any.

    - We kindly invite
    all members to join and discuss issues that are arising at this point.
    - Further community building within ISPSO
    - Other themes that you suggest and would like to lead.

Note that the
QiqoChat Space will be open for 24 hours, so the rooms are available for members from all time zones to review and post ideas any time. You can join the MMM space earlier and/or linger afterwards to discuss and meet if you so choose.

We thus welcome you to reflect on anything you choose to bring in. And as always, in any session you may suggest any other topic for discussion on the spot.

Note that the event takes place on the QiqoChat platform. If you haven’t used the Qiqochat space before, please contact us for details on how to access the MMM space.


Monthly Meetings in 2023 are also planned for:

30 April
28 May