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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

San Diego 2012

Living with Risk, Taking Action: The Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations in Uncertain Times

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Living with Risk, Taking Action: The Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations in Uncertain Times

Chair: Amy Fraher

Friday June 8th 2012, 9:30-10:30am
Lawrence A. Herzog
Between Paradise and Danger: Landscapes of the San Diego/Mexican Border Region

Friday June 8th 2012, 4:00-5:30pm
Alexandra Michel
Bullish on Uncertainty: Organizational Innovations in Managing High-Velocity Environments and their Psychological Implications

Saturday June 9th 2012, 9:30-11:00am
Bob Schoultz
Who are the Seals? What cultural challenges do they face?

Sunday June 10th 2012, 12:00-1:30pm
Ross Lazar
Bion’s “Faith-in-O” – Dealing with the Indeterminacy of Dying and Death
ISPSO 2012 PARALLEL PRESENTATIONS (In alphabetical order by first author)

Eduardo Acuna: | The Risks of Collective Memory: A Case of Perversion in Current Chilean Society

Debbie Bing & Byron Woolen: At the Tipping Point: The Risk of Moving from Individual to Collective in a Scientific Enterprise

Ernest Fruge, Lawrence McCullough, & Michael Sprehe: The Conflict Genome: Mapping the Territory of Conflict Between Physicians

Marisa Guerin: The Repair of the Container: Consulting Interventions in Support of Leadership

Wendy Harding & Susan Long: Collaboration for Adaptation to Climate Change: Facing Risks through Collaboration

Melrona Kirrane: Intelligently Risky Narcissists: The Case of Entrepreneurs

Matias Sanfuentes: The Skinless Work Group: Facing the Uncertainty of ‘Resting On a Void’

Howard S. Schwartz & Andreas Liefooghe: The Nurturance of Chaos: Anti- oedipal Roots of the British Riots

Edward R. Shapiro: Austen Riggs Center: Holding the Mission in the Face of Managed Care

Lionel Stapley: Creativity: The Psychological, Social and Political Risks

ISPSO 2012 PARALLEL PANEL PRESENTATIONS (In alphabetical order by first author within the panel)

Panel: Political and Financial Challenges to Leadership
Miranda Alcock: David And Goliath: Daring To Face Up To the Squeeze of Political and Financial Expediency

Alicia Eva Kaufmann Hahn: Neurosis of Power and 15 M Movement in Madrid

Panel: Politics of Identity & Authority in Regions of Conflict
Gabriela Barrial: Uncertainty: The Risk of Power and the Power of Risk

Tracy Wallach: Authority, Leadership, and Peacemaking: The Intersection of the Personal and Political in a Group Relations Conference

Panel: Tolerating Risk to take Action?
Howard Book and Jim Krantz: Does Tolerating Risk In Order To Take Action, Require Tolerating Inaction In Order To Modulate Risk?

Panel: Leadership & Social Media
Philip Boxer: Managing the Risks of Social Disruption: What Can We Learn From the Impact of Social Networking Software?

Jennifer Amanda Jones: Leadership in Social Media: Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Risks

Panel: Lacanian Perspectives on Self and Organization
John Brogan: The Role of Trust and Psychoanalytic Self-Regulation in Building Faith and Minimizing Risk

Thibault De Swarte: Creativity, Risk and Innovation in a High Tech Company : A Lacanian Perspective

Panel: Psychoanalytic Partners—Risks & Rewards
Paula I. Christian-Kliger, William R. Nixon, & John Porcerelli: Psychoanalytic Partners - Risks and Rewards - Tracking the Process and Phases in a Psychoanalytically Informed Clinical-Organizational Consultation

Panel: Inter- and Intra-Group Relationships
Jean Henry Cooper: The Dynamics of Risk-Taking in a Small Group

Martin Ringer: Consulting To Catastrophic Breakdown In Inter-Team Relationships: Using "Opinion Bubbles" As A Framework

Panel: Collusion, Conniving & Engagement
Nuala Dent: Colluding To Connive: Collaboration Gone Astray

Joy Humphreys: "Keep Your Head Underground": The Fear of Stakeholder Engagement

Panel: The Dynamics of Risk-taking in Group Relations
Crystal Dujowich & Taylor Peyton Roberts: A Constructivist Approach to Understanding the Organizational Field of Experience in the Moment: Towards Expanding Consciousness

Panel: Financial Markets & Risky Work
Ken Eisold: The Denial of Risk in Financial Institutions

Larry Hirschhorn: Behavioral Finance Meets Psychoanalysis

Panel: The Common Thread in Family Business
Victoria Grady & James Grady: The Common Thread in Family Business: A Perspective from the UK, USA, China, Brazil, Sweden, Africa, and Israel

Panel: Strategic Decision-making and Unconscious Dynamics
Richard Ledborg Hansen: ‘The Risk of Leadership’ Barriers of the Unconscious Mind: The Invisible Barriers for Strategic Change Implementation

Claudia Nagel: Risk Taking In Strategic Decision Making - A Psychodynamic Perspective on Its Failures

Panel of Doctoral Researchers:
Susan Kahn: Death and the City

Rachel Kidney: Towards a Multi-Foci Model of Employee Creativity: An Attachment Theory Perspective

Hugo Marynissen: The Relationship Between Risk Communication And Risk Perception In High-Reliability Organizations: A Systematic Review

Panel: A Leap of Faith & Risk into the Jungle
Monica Velarde Lazarte, Lucia Abugattas Barboza & Claudie Velarde Vidaurrazaga: A Leap Of Faith And Risk Into The Jungle: A System Psychodynamic Approach In The Peruvian Amazons

Panel: Risky Connections & Stuck-ness
Peliwe Mnguni, Michelle May, & Frans Cilliers: Risky (Dis)Connections In South African Organisations Today