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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

New York 1992

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Organizational Insight and Consultation

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Psychoanalytic Approaches to Organizational Insight and Consultation

Chair: Michael Diamond

St Moritz Hotel

Consulting to Organizations with Psychoanalytic Insights, by Harold Bridger

Transference in Organization Research, by Howell Baum
Published as: Baum, Howell S. (1994), Transference in organizational research. Administration & Society 26, 135-157

Methodological Problems in the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizational Behavior, by James Hunt & Marion McCollum, Boston University
Published as: Hunt, James & Marion McCollum (1994), Using psychoanalytic approaches in organizational consulting. Consulting Psychology Journal, Vol. 46, No. 2, spring,. 1-11.

How Consultants Learn: Training Program and Professional Study Group as a Laboratory, by Rose Redding Mersky

Leverage and Limits: Applying the Psychoanalytic Perspective to Managing and Consulting, by Paula Singer & Marisa Guerin

Managing a Divestiture: The Psychological and Emotional Dilemmas of Ending Personal, Work and Organizational Relationships , by Laurence J. Gould
Published as: Gould, Laurence J. (2000), Coping with a Divestiture: The Psychological and Managerial Dilemmas of Ebding Personal, Work, Organizational and Community Relationships. In: E. B. Klein, F. Gabelnick & P. Herr (eds.), Dynamic Consultation in a Changing Workplace. Madison, CT (Psychosocial Press), 97 - 112

Getting Behind and Beyond Bars: Some Thoughts for Work with the Staff of a Detention Center for Youth During the Intifada, by Mira Erlich-Ginor & Jona Rosenfeld

Critique Psychoanalytic Approaches to Understanding Organizations, by Elliott Jaques, Arlington, VA
Published as: Jaques, Elliott (1995), Why the Psychoanalytic Approach to Understanding Organization is Dysfunctional. Human Relations 48, 343 - 349
Jaques, Elliott (1995), Reply to Dr. Gilles Amado. Human Relations 48, 359 - 365

Insight and Affect in Consulting with Organizations Undergoing Loss, Change and Grief, by Howard Stein

Report on the Pilot Project to Operationalize the Personality Organization of Empirical Research: The Adaptation of the California Q Sort to Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory, by Paul Albanese, Steven Brown & Robert Brynes, Kent State University

The Impact of Conflict Avoidance on Managerial Roles, by Michael A. Diamond & Guy B. Adams
Published as: Diamond, Michael A. (1993), The Impact of Conflict Avoidance on Managerial Roles. In: Michael A. Diamond, The Unconscious Life of Organizations (Quorum Books)

Group Self-Esteem and Group Performance, by Glenn Swogger

Organizational Effects of Executive Narcissism, by Jeffrey Kahn, Cornell University & Mark Unterberg, Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital

Power and Politics in Organizations: Pragmatics and Pathologies, by Abraham Zaleznik, Harvard University

Discourse with an Enemy, by H. Shmuel Erlich
Published as: Erlich, H. Shmuel (1997), On Discourse with an Enemy. In: Edward R. Shapiro (ed.), The Inner World in the Outer World: Psychoanalytic Perspectives. New Haven (Yale University Press), 123 - 142

An Organizational Approach to Working with a Business Partner who has AIDS, by Dolores McCarthy, Fordham University

The Dynamics of the Consulting Relationship, by Alain Robichaud, University of Laval, Canada