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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Melbourne 2011

Regeneration in Organisations: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

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Regeneration in Organisations: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Chairs: Susan Long and Jinette de Gooijer

Plenary Paper Kenwyn K Smith
The Heart of Leadership: Lessons from Lincoln, Gandhi and Mandela
Parallel Sessions
The Symbolic Mother-Leader
Donald Lantu
Growing Engineers: Changing Experience Through Metaphoric Relations
Claes Agin
'Droids with feelings' - Systems Psycho-Dynamic Aspects of Customer Service Workers Regeneration
Sandor Takacs & Sara Csillag
Social Media and Socio-Analysis: Group and Organisational Challenges by David Patman
From Pipes and Dams to Human Connections by Joy Humphreys
Leadership in Fragments - a Lacanian Analysis of the CEO Media Interview
Craig Prichard and Andrew Dickson
Creating Trust in Organisations and Society
Douglas Kirsner
Consumer/Survivor Movements as Reparative Works in the Context of Mental Health Services
Seongsu Kim
The Forces Involved in Being a Member of a Small Group
Jean Cooper & Johan Basson
Panel Session: Andrew Harrison, James Krantz & Tom Gilmore
How the Meaning of Relatedness is Changing in Contemporary Organisations
Panel Session: Lionel F Stapley. Respondent: Maurita Harney
Corporate Ethical Social Responsibility: Understanding and Managing Systemic Emotional Turbulence.


Plenary Paper Rose Redding Mersky
Social Dreaming, Social Photo-Matrix, Role Biography and Social Dream-Drawing: Structure, facilitation capacities and fundamental value to organisations
Parallel Sessions:
Regeneration: At the Confluence of Psychoanalysis, Biological Science, and Literature. Lessons for Group and Organisational Behaviour
Thomas Hoffman
Reflections of the Family Complex in the Organisation- in-the-Mind and Conditions for Change
James Walker
Anti-oedipal Psychology and the Crisis of Hope: Psychodynamics of the anti-bullying movement and implications for organisation
Howard Schwartz
Regeneration and the Depressive Position
Larry Hirschhorn & Tom Gilmore
Recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress
Renate Gronvold Bugge & Judith Bell

Panel session: Tim Roberts-Ferguson & Nuala Dent. Respondent: Herbert Hahn
Fragmented and Connected. Close Encounters of a Virtual Kind
Panel session: Burkard Sievers. Respondent: Alan Schafer
Capitalist Greed. A Socioanalytic Perspective

Parallel Sessions:
Blaming BP: The Emotional Organisation of Equity Markets
Ian Miller
We Stay Vital and Alive by Examining What is Disappointing: Disappointment, Vitality and Organisational Regeneration
Cath McKinney & Rebekah O'Rourke
Has God Stopped Calling or has the Church Stopped Listening? — Perspectives on the Decline and Regeneration of Ordained Ministry Candidates for the Uniting Church in Australia by Kate Dempsey and John Bottomley
In the Age of the Cybernauts - Who Counts What Cares?
Hebe Comerford
Mama, Trauma and the Third: Women in Prison
Diane Gartland

Plenary Paper Kay Souter
Regeneration and Catastrophic Change: Some Social and Cultural Elements of Change in Organisations

2011 Annual Meeting Co–Chairs Report
2011 Professional Development Workshops