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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

London 2000

Emotions in Organizations: The Contribution of Psychoanalytic Approaches

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Emotions in Organizations: The Contribution of Psychoanalytic Approaches

Chair: Clare Huffington

London, England

Emotions in Organizations: Disturbance or Intelligence? Presenter, David Armstrong

Social Systems as an Envious Attack, Mark Stein

The Internalized Team: A Discussion of the Socio-Emotional Dynamics of Teamwork, Susan Long

Emotion and 'Ressenti" in the Hyper-Modern Information Processing Organization, Eric Faÿ

Narcissism vs. Social-ism in Social Systems (Groups and Organizations), Gordon Lawrence

Feeling Excluded: Oedipal Anxiety in the Workplace: A Case Study with Two Consultants Consulting to a Mental Health Tea, Nicholas Sarra and Roberta Green

Ending and Regeneration: The Emotional Significance of Ending a Consultancy Assignment, Francesca Cardona

The Fantasy of Inevitability in Organizations, David P. Levine

The Emotional Underbelly of Organizational Learning, Laurie Field

Organizational Leadership and Shame, James M. Hunt

The Primal Screen: The Role of Computer Mediated Communication in Organizational Affective Experience, Michael A. Civin

Societal Trauma, Emotional Wounding and Organizational Reparation: A Case Study of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Africa, Charles Malcolm and Paul Haupt

'I Don't Know Why But I Trust You': Trusting the Consultants in a Paranoid Environment - A Case Study, Verred Amitzi and Andre Schonberg

Education and Eden: A Principal Reflects on the Mourning of Innocence and the Ambivalence of Awareness in School Life, Dan Frank

A Search for New Partners . . . Or an Invitation to Join the Harem? The Interplay of Emotion and Structure in the Expansion Process of a Consulting Firm, Ross A. Lazar and Mathias Lohmer

Competition as War: Towards a Socio-Analysis of Wars In and Among Corporations, Burkard Sievers

Political Correctness and Organizational Decision Making: The Power of the Virgin: Sexual Politics and the Issue of Women in Combat, Howard S. Schwartz

'Negative Capability', 'Dispersal', and the Containment of Emotion, Robert French

Using the Problematic Moment Approach to Access Repressed Discourses and Emotions in Groups and Organizations, James A. Cumming and Evangelina Holvino

The CEO's Unconscious Conflicts about Dependency and Domination Shape the Organization's Culture, Stephen R. Friedlander

When the Going Gets Tough (the Weak Get Weaker): Primitive Mental States and Emotional Traumas in Students' Attempts to (Not) Learn, Anne-Marie Cummins

The Study of Organizational Emotions: Psychoanalytic and Social Constructionist Perspectives, Stephen Fineman and Yiannis Gabriel

Transference and Counter-transference in Consulting to Institutions, Anton Obholzer

Absent Managers: Emotion and Anxiety in Middle Level IT Management, James Dalgleish

Social Dependency Mechanisms: A Case Study of Toyota, Hirose Factory, Japan, Joichi R. Ogawa and Osama Karimata

It's An Emotional Game; Learning About Leadership from the Experience of Football, Lionel F. Stapley

Consultant as Emotional Container: Parallel Processes and Organizational Change in South Africa, Kenwyn K. Smith, Rose Miller and Dana Kaminstein