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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

European Regional Meeting (online with Il Nodo Group, Italy) February 2023


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In partnership with Il Nodo Group Impresa Sociale present:


3rd, 4th and 6th of February 2023
5pm-8pm CET (online event)

Keynote Speakers: Mario Perini, Richard Morgan-Jones, Franca Fubini

We are living in a traumatic time on a global level: climate change, the continuing pandemic and its after-effects, and wars and nuclear threats all have a deep impact on both conscious and unconscious levels.

Alongside attempts at resilience, trauma also continues to manifest and assert itself in many new ways.
Which forms of dialogue and sharing of ideas create sustainable regeneration beyond resilience?

We invite you to attend this experiential regional event to explore these questions, attempting to make sense of traumatic events, find new meanings, and regenerate thoughts and actions.

Brochure/Program (PDF)

FRIDAY 3rd February 2023 - day 1

Chair: Louisa Diana Brunner

17.00-17.10 Welcome and introduction
17.10-18.00 Opening plenary
18.00-18.15 Break
18.15-18.45 Mario Perini: The rhetoric of change and the dark side of resilience. - Zoom video recording - members only.
18.45-19.15 Buzz groups and discussion
19.15-20.00 Review of the day

SATURDAY 4th February 2023 - Day 2

Chair: Aaron J. Nurick

17.00-17.30 Reflections and connections
17.30-18.00 Franca Fubini: Flectar ne frangar: Resilience, trauma and the availability to entertain new thoughts. - Zoom video recording - members only.
18.00-18.45 Buzz groups and discussion
18.45-19.00 Break
19.00-20.00 Review of the day

MONDAY 6th February 2023 - Day 3

Chair: Luca Mingarelli

17.00-18.30 Richard Morgan Jones: Trilogy Matrix [experiential event] - Zoom video recording introductory - members only.
18.30-18.45 Break
18.45-19.45 Closing plenary
19.45-20.00 Farewell

ISPSO members free (donation welcome) *
Non-ISPSO members € 30

Registrations closed 1st February (CET time)