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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

What's on Today - Day 1

Opening & Workshop sessions

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8:45am-9:00am AM opening with President & AM chairs Plenary
9:00am-10:00am Social Dreaming
10.30am-3.30pm PDW 1: Engaging through the written word with people outside our field
with Martin Ringer, Aaron Nurick, Elena Tamazova (day 1 of 2)
10.30am-2.30pm PDW 2: Racism, trauma and conspiracy .
with Stanley Gold
1.30pm-5pm PDW 3: An Emotional Brain approach Applied to Coaching Client Cases
with Gry Osnes, Joseph Dodds and Helle Anholm (day 1 of 2)
1.30pm-4:45pm PDW 4: Through trauma - in families, organisations, and society - towards creative innovations.
with Jerry Fromm & Richard Morgan-Jones (day 1 of 2)
1.30pm-4:45pm PDW 5: Trauma in Communities of Practice and Habitat:
Healing and Engaging with organizations and institutions for hopeful futures
with Sari Mattila and Ajeet N. Mathur (day 1 of 2)
2.30pm-5pm PDW 6: Improving our practice as consultants and managers:
A case conference method with James Krantz & Larry Hirschhorn day 1 of 3)
4pm - 4:45pm End of day Reflections Conf Reflections
5pm-6pm Social Dreaming 2 Social Dreaming

All times are indicated as CEST