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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

The human uses of human beings: unintended consequences of toxicity beneath hushed protests in cross-border value constellations

This paper examines what is human in us in how we are using ourselves and each other in the context of harmful toxicity we produce. The paper explains how the hushing of protests about toxicity has grave unintended consequences and invites the reader to reflect on what might be the future traverse of organizations and institutions, and the human race itself. The paper addresses the relationship of organisational toxicity with its societal context-at local, national and international levels. The novelty of the paper is in bringing out the nature of inadequate containment of toxicity and dispersal of spillovers involving transference dynamics in localities of habitat, and in and from organizations and institutions on a national and global scale and an account of some of the healing interventions attempted in local and sub-national spaces. It is argued that consciousness about feelings in self and others, sensitivity to emotions as triggers and alertness to affects as charges can make a difference to the way motives, passions and powerbases come together. Aesthetics of the emotional underworld can lead to expression, repression, oppression, or suppression which presents challenges on all six open system boundaries-task, time, territory, sentience, technology, and understanding. There is no escape from the air we breathe and we can only breathe that which we ourselves circulate.'