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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

The Stratification of Cause: when does the desire of the leader become the leadership of desire?

Following Aristotles four causes, a stratified analysis of cause is developed and applied to explaining the behaviour of the Corporation. The desire of the leader is identified with knowing what is right for the Corporation as a whole, formulated in terms of what is necessary and determinate for the purposes of the Corporation. The anticipative logic of hyperincursive control is introduced to show how Aristotles notion of the final cause is extended, and it is argued that this forms the basis for a third cybernetics through its constituting of a relation to the undecideabilities constituted in the logic of the present moment. Basing itself on Maturanas formulation of the observer, the paper goes on to argue the problematic nature of the intersection between the body and the observers I in a third-order linguistic closure, which corresponds to a problematising of the desire of the leader. It is argued that this third-order linguistic closure has its own impossibilities and undecideabilities as a medium, introducing an Otherness through its parasitising effects on the constituting of the intersecting I. The resulting undecideabilities in the constituting of the I institute the effects of desire - the observers relation to what is lacking in the coherence and consistency of intersection. This relation to desire is constitutive of a third-order cybernetics, and is the basis of a leadership of desire.