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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Perspectives on the Queens death

Dear colleagues,

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has impacted on millions of people from all walks of life. There have been scenes of mourning, and unprecedented coverage of her death by the mainstream media, reporting on the impact the Queen has had over her lifetime, and the impact her death is having on the emotional life within the UK and beyond.

I have been thinking a lot about this in terms of leadership, authority, role, and in terms of the dependency cultures, the trauma of empires. I am interested in the silence on the listserve in relation to the coverage elsewhere; wondering if it is a non-event for us or difficult to discuss? I think a psycho-social perspective is useful and I have tried to focus my thinking in an essay making associations on the entanglements between the monarchy, empire, leadership, and transition. You can read it here, and I would be very interested in others perspectives

Warmly Simon