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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Patterns of Connection with Social Dreaming

Patterns of Connection with Social Dreaming

Social Dreaming (SD) has developed a wide community and evolving practice. This workshop is designed to familiarize and train individuals in the art of hosting a SD matrix, both online and in real life situations. We will offer both theory and practice in SD and in taking the role of host in a matrix. Our objective is to provide you the underpinning to further explore dreams in groups, incorporating SD in your practice and organization. This workshop is designed for all levels of SD experience: Familiarizing first-time participants in the art of hosting a SD matrix and providing experienced SD hosts a space to share case studies & reflect on various forms of design & application. The workshop takes place online during the conference with two review and reflections sessions after the symposium.


  • Time and space to explore and reflect developments in Social Dreaming
  • Join and co-create the international Social Dreaming community


  • History of Social Dreaming
  • The Social Dreaming host role
  • Applications and design / Case studies
  • Ongoing Peer group learning and supervision


1 Online kick off meeting 5th July (180 min 12.30pm-15:30 pm Berlin CEST)
1 Continuous online dream – reflection space
2 Follow up meetings online (120 min – Fridays 13-15:00 pm Berlin CEST)
12 Online social dreaming matrices optional during the AM2021 (60 min each) Berlin EAST: 9-10am CEST and Berlin WEST 17-18:00 pm CEST


  • Experience co-hosting an ISPSO Social Dreaming matrix & reflection
  • Reflect individually and with peers on the ISPSO Social Dreaming experience
  • Explore patterns of connection for SD application in our roles and organizations
  • Co-create an ongoing SD reflection space after the online annual meeting