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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Panel Presentation on Pathway to Power in Politics. Hillary Clinton under the lens of Organizational Role Analysis

Introduction and objectives. Gender equity is a primary objective of external politics of the United States. The three first state secretaries Madeleine Allbright, Condolezza Rice and Hilary Clinton, explain their interest, in foreign policy regarding gender Equity. There is a vision about the strategic importance of gender equity, based on academic research. According to the world Economic Forum the countries where gender equity prevails are much more competitive from an economic view point. On top of this fact, when women are in politics they also create a more inclusive and democratic society. One subject that brings about a great attention in the States is to study the gap between men and women in education. The goal of this panel is to present Hillary Clinton's career development from an organizational role analysis view in a psychodynamic interpretation about her evolution until now and her possibilities as a candidate that may run for presidency. Her wide appeal depends in part, on her ties to an influential man, Bill Clinton. These same marital connections, present, ethical hindrance, however. We shall present our case study from four different system analyses. At the end, we want to share an active debate with participants, independently that at the time of the conference, she has been presented as candidate of the democratic party, to see whether she can or not, become elected president.Family system: traits of her family of origin, main family mandates, values and conflict resolution. We shall also consider Bill Clinton's family origins and the values both provided for their daughter Chelsea. An important point is that she loved sports and usually overcame conflicts such as elite sports people do. Educational system. Her passages through Wellesley College in Boston and her passage thorough the Law Faculty at Yale University.Organizational System. Developpement of her Political Career. Successes and failures. Overcoming an ambition gap. Mass Media and elections: Will present visible and invisible aspects of election processes.Having gone through these four dimensions we shall open a debate with the participants to evaluate lights and shadows of her leadership till now, the link among the diverse systems and her possibilities right now confronting the fact that she can be the president of the most powerful society in the world. All participants speak and write fluently in English.