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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Means of Survival: Escaping from Reality into Worlds of Desire

The following argumentation will show that German automobile manufacturers have fought their competition via the construction and the operation of ''entertainment worlds of desire'' in which they demonstrate both their glorious and determined future as well as their values and products. In this country, the automobile industry is still a key industry with a Fordistic coinage, and particularly for this reason its fight for market shares and net gains, which are construed as a parameter for a successful company ever since the limited liability company was introduced, has a considerable effect on the perception of the economic power of our country. What are the causes and preconditions that result in a rivalry on the micro and macro level, which is not constructive any longer, but which impends to become destructive and will effect that people will be willing to accept their role as consumers and flee their fears, which develop out of competition, and which will also effect that organisations to flee their fears and to depend their survival - at least partly - on establishing virtual worlds with sensual, social and local references staged and managed by controlling groups? The successive reflection is based on long-standing experience with an internationally active automobile manufacturer and on several substantiated theoretical publications.'