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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Liderazgo y PYMES en entornos turbulentos de crecimiento economico

The development of small and medium-sized family-based companies occurs through different stages, where their structures change depending on how the family dynamics evolves in relation to the management of the business. The family, as a basic structure in the family business, provides spaces where relationships among its members are formalized, provides direction to the organization and builds the necessary trust to face the future. Paraphrasing E. J. Miller and A. K. Rice, is the focus on the love and hate, peace and uncertainty, security and insecurity, which gives it shape. However, in turbulent environments generated by economic growth, business sustainability is threatened when family structures are not sufficient to support the complexities that the growth demands - the previous emotional ties interfere with the demands of change (Miller & Rice, 1967) - so its necessary to find, make and take new roles within the family members and the organization. Through the case study of a family business base, on which the growth generated processes of change and adaptation, it is discussed various psychodynamic process that explaining the need to assume roles that allow their members to contain the anxieties related to the process of growth and change (Krantz, 1998), in addition to rebuild trust in the future of the organization; and where the definition of a purpose - based on preserving the essentials of the family structure - allows to deal with the polarity and differences in the organization (Bazalgette, Quine & Irvine, 2009), finally emerging a leadership within the family that have a positive impact on the business.