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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

Learning to Learn What We Forgot We Didnt

The unforeseeable outcomes of applying Social Dreaming to organizational systems is one characteristic of this open ended process which stirs passions both for and against. This paper invites associations and discussion from listeners by describing a consultation (the re-organization and downsizing) to a major manufacturer of entertainment media, once a family business and now a subsidiary of a large U.S. based entertainment conglomerate, through the Social Dreaming Matrix which accompanied it.OverviewThis paper introduces a series of births or timelines from which the parallel work of a Social Dreaming Matrix and an Organizational Consultation evolved. It is a guide to the events that became this work and a way of presenting data to the reader/audience so that she/he may join the writers in the process of learning about the application of Social Dreaming to organizational processes. This data is offered here for discussion and learning at the Symposium in order that readers and listeners can participate in what the writers believe is an open-ended process in which the meaning of this body of work will evolve [2].The evolutions presented here are:I. The Birth of a MatrixII. The Evolution of Social Dreaming TechnologyIII. The History of the Consultation IV. Significant Events of this Applied Social Dreaming Matrix V. Learning, Conclusions and Hypotheses.