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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

From outside to inside and back again

The original idea

The sense of being an outsider is central in managing the role of consultant. We stay on the boundary as a way to use ‘super ‘ vision to remain objective and impartial in our work. In our practice this is critical discussion .The central question is about our own history and attachment experiences, which influence the way we work and roles we take, as it informs intimacy trust and containment. We regularly look at the consultants’ work in relation to interventions, process, or changing the client perspective. In this workshop we will address our own internal world and its effect on the way we take up our work.


The starting point will be an exploration of the participants’ own experience of being walled in or up against a boundary . We will share poetry, writing, dreams, and art to explore personal ‘otherness’ and our work. The second sage will be relating these experiences to some theories of personal development and societal impact. The final stage will address the impact of being on the edge of systems and using individual work issues.

Design, methodology, or approach.

Using a range of media will access inheritance, culture roots, migration all of which have a profound influence our work and the roles we take.

The workshop is designed for reflection and insight, at personal, group, and societal levels. We consistently negotiate borders and boundaries which have profound impact on our identity. We will consider this balance between the “known”, and the courage to encounter the “unknown”.

Angela Eden works as an organisational consultant from her own practice EDENevolution. Her original training in theatre, through to education and organisational consultancy, uses metaphor, symbols and dreams. Over the last fifteen years she developed training workshops with the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, and other training events . She has hosted a series of social dreaming matrices At ISPSO annual meetings, in Philadelphia, Toledo, San Diego and Copenhagen. Additionally, she uses another creative stream, working as an artist with a range of abstract images, which will be used in this workshop .