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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021


PLENARY - Paul Hoggett & Rebecca Nestor
Is Western Civilisation Against Nature?
Saturday 6 July 2024
9.15am-10.30am EEST

In this dialogue Paul Hoggett and Rebecca Nestor will examine the repercussions of the deepening climate crisis for political, social, individual and ecological stability across the globe.
Bearing in mind Bion’s specific usage of the terms, the question will be put whether Western civilisation in its modernist/colonial phase is a fundamentally parasitic one both in terms of human to nature and human to human relations. In contrast what might symbiotic relations mean in our times?

Short Biographies

Paul Hoggett
Paul is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, UWE, UK. In 2001, with Larry Gould, Paul became the founding editor of the journal Organisational & Social Dynamics. With Adrian Tait, Paul founded the Climate Psychology Alliance and later became its first Chair in 2012. His most recent book is Paradise Lost? The Climate Crisis and the Human Condition (2023, Simplicity Institute).

Rebecca Nestor
Based in Oxford, UK, Rebecca is an organisational consultant, facilitator and coach with a particular focus on supporting people and organisations with the emotional impacts of the climate and ecological crisis. Her recent doctorate researched the emotional experience of leaders in organisations that engage the public on climate change; consultancy experience with several groups and organisations in the climate field; MBA and postgraduate consultancy qualifications.