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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

AM23: Whats on Today - Day 1

Welcome to the Opening Day of the 39th ISPSO Annual Meeting & Symposium
The opening with ISPSO President & AM chairs starts at 9:45am SAST (in Plenary Room)

During conference: "Reception / Help Desk" (join Zoom) Open 8.30am to 5pm SAST

Other times: Please email: (preferred) or 'Tech Support' chat box

MONDAY 26th June - General Program

8.30am-9.30 Social Dreaming, followed by Social Dreaming Dialogue (9.15-9.30) onsite
9:45am-10am AM opening with President & AM chairs Plenary streamed
10am-4.00pm PDW 1: The Clinical Dimension of Organizational Consultation
with Jerry Fromm
10am-4.00pm PDW 2: Jungian Coaching to Remember Soul and Self in Organisations
with Dr Rica Viljoen, Belinda Goddard and Mncedici Nkhoma
10am-2.00pm PDW 4: A Taste of the Immunity to Change Method
with Leslie Goldenberg
10am-2.00pm PDW 5: Analysis of the Demand: an action-research method for organizational consultancy
with Felice Bisogni and Francesca Dolcetti.
(day 1 of 2)
PDW 5 online
2pm-5pm PDW 6: Improving our practice as consultants and managers: A case conference method
with Larry Hirschhorn and James Krantz (day 1 of 2)
PDW 6 online
5pm - 6:30pm Evening Game Drive onsite
8pm-9pm Fireside Chat with Nceba Ndzayiba onsite

All times are indicated in SAST