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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

AM23-PDW-10: Cape Town Fynbos Experience®

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Professional Development Workshop: PDW10 (live)

Lapa Side Venue
Tuesday, 27 June 2023

10.00am-1.00pm SAST

Cape Town Fynbos Experience

Facilitator: Giselle Courtney

The Cape Town Fynbos Experience® PDW demonstrates how a psychologically choreographed nature experience can activate the individuation process and provide the psychoanalytic tools for ongoing self-discovery.
The working method is a sensory experience of unique flavours from the southern tip of Africa in the form of a guided tasting that includes edible naturals, botanical tea infusions, traditional cordials, vinegar tinctures, culinary herbs, seasonings and aromatic digestifs. Invisible psychoanalytic constructs are made tangible through the weaving of botanical metaphors activating the psychoanalytic process. The overall metaphor is Fynbos, the heath-like vegetation world renowned for its biodiversity. There are no less than 7000 recorded species, and this is a powerful metaphor for the diversity of South Africa’s people. The iconic King Protea is the country’s national flower and is named after the Greek sea god Proteus who could change his shape at will, again a metaphor for the transformative people at the southern tip of Africa.

Working Method

An immersive sensory experience in nature

Learning Outcome

The Cape Town Fynbos Experience is a catalyst for developing the concept of symbolism necessary for connecting with the unconscious. It activates the inner explorer and energises individuals within organisations through a physical and psychological connection with nature.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Recognise nature as a dynamic link to the realm of the imagination and the unconscious.
  2. Apply the technique of symbolism to activate the exploration of associations and amplifications.
  3. Apply techniques to map the ‘inner landscape’ through the integration of realizations.

Biographical Summary

Giselle Courtney is the founder of Get to the Point® organisational development consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. Signature programmes include Get to the Point® and the Cape Town Fynbos Experience®. Get to the Point® develops purposeful individuals and teams. The Cape Town Fynbos Experience® is an eco-wellbeing programme that creates a psycho-physical connection with nature and develops an eudaimonic lens with which to view change and diversity. Giselle is also the founder of South African Fynbos®, a culinary range of novel flavours found only at the southern tip of Africa.
Giselle received a BA in English and Psychology from the University of South Africa in 1991. She has supplemented her Jungian interests with ongoing talks and workshops offered by the South African Association of Jungian Analysts, the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies and international Jung associations. She attended the ISAP Jungian Odysseys in Switzerland in 2007 and 2008.