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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

AM Conference Reflections


Hosts: Irena Izotova, Adrian Parsadh, Matias Sanfuentes and Ekaterina Shapovalova

Monday - Wednesday: 4pm-4:45 pm CEST
Friday & Saturday: 4:15 pm-5pm CEST
Venue: Reflection Space room

The Conference reflection space offers time and opportunity to reflect on our experiences from the Conference “From Trauma to New Engagement with the Future: Working with Organizations Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow”.

A place to share our learning / reflections from the Professional Development Workshops which run Monday to Wednesday and from the panel, keynote presentation and parallel paper presentations taking place during the Symposium on Friday and Saturday.

Furthermore it represents an opportunity to reflect on the experience of having an online annual meeting instead of the so much awaited live meeting in this very special situation of the war time.

The daily reflection (End of the day Reflection) takes place at CEST 4pm – 4:45 pm Monday to Wednesday and 4:15pm – 5pm Friday and Saturday, offering encounters in plenary and small groups. It will be hosted by Irena Izotova and Ekaterina Shapovalova (AM2022 Organizing Committee) supported by Matias Sanfuentes (the Social Dreaming team) and Adrian Parsadh (AM2023 Planning Committee).

The Reflection Space will be open throughout the conference, thus providing an opportunity to capture your experiences day by day: reflections and new ideas you would like to share with others participants.

The Reflective Space is open to all attendees registered for the Symposium.