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The walls within: working with defenses against otherness

Online Conference 5-11 July 2021

ISPSO ERM 2023 Meeting


ISPSO Members Day 2023

Members' Day takes place the day before the Symposium. Its task is to sharpen our conceptualization of the field and address ongoing ISPSO matters. It focuses on both the state of the enterprise (i.e. our field) and the state of our organization. All ISPSO members are invited to take part in Members Day.


Thursday 30th of June
Location:  Member's Room (qiqochat)
All times CEST

10.30am-12:00 pm  Members Day Co-creation Workshop A: The future of ISPSO*
1.00pm-2.00pm  Annual General Meeting
2.00pm-3.00pm  Online Reception
3.30pm-5.00pm  Members Day Co-creation Workshop B: The future of ISPSO*

(*The two Co-creation Workshops A and B have identical programs)

Co-creation workshop: The future of ISPSO (A & B)
Purpose: Collecting ideas for all of us to build on and develop further.
1. Introduction in plenary
2. Work in groups
3. Presentation of results in the plenary

We would like to explore with you how we can all best work on two of the three actual strategic objectives:

  • Integrating differences at ISPSO
  • Connecting ISPSO with the outside world.

Please have a look at the President's letter and the AGM Report beforehand.


1.00pm – 2.00pm CEST (60 min)


  1. Welcome remarks by Claudia/President & CEO
  2. Brief presentation of individual board member's reports, followed by responses to member's pre-emails.
  3. Introduction of new members who have joined since the 2021  AM
  4. Farewell to leaving board members 
  5. Introduction of new board members
  6. Breakout/Buzzgroups for mutual exchange
  7. Open member focused debate – Q and A’s to the board
  8. Any Other Business


2.00pm-3.00pm CEST (60 min)
We have a number of important subjects to be talked about and shared:

  1. Sharing memories of our deceased Past President Burkhard Sievers (all)
  2. Distinguished Members’ Award  - Claudia
  3. Bridger Award  - Wendy Harding
  4. Other subjects

Join us for The ISPSO Annual Meeting